Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most successful men of our time. Many know him from his action movies, during celebratory masculine era of the 80’s. There’re people who know him from his early days when he had just arrived ashore in America in the late 60’s, during the days when he was known as the “Austrian Oak.” And then there are those who were governed by him many years later, when in November 2003, he was elected governor of the State of California. Obviously, this man has done a lot of things and achieved a lot of earth-shaking success in his lifetime. What makes thisRead More →

In modern times, exercise is touted as one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. Down the road from you is the yoga mum, and your best friend is a muscle head. Actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and presidents, which include the likes of Barrack Obama, Richard Branson and Will Smith admit exercising being a necessity to their life and their success. Obama even claimed in his book, ‘Dreams from My Father’ that he was an underachiever and a casual drug user until he began running three miles a day. It’s not just about the body Facebook CEO and founder said, ‘Doing anythingRead More →